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My name is Katie Butler and I am a theatre maker and educator investigating the nature of connection and community in a deeply divided world. As a creator I explore the ways we subvert the fault lines of politics and ideologies to reach out to one another. I often end up with more questions than answers. 

And sometimes I bring silliness into the world and call it Art.

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upcoming events


Beginners Knitting

Wednesdays 9/22-10/13
Markeim Arts Center


As You Like It

Sunday, 9/19 @ 6:30 pm
Clarkville @ Clark Park

Playing the role of Rosalind


Alice in Wonderland
Wolf Performing Arts Center

Sat, 1/8/22 @ 7pm
Sun, 1/9/22 @ 2pm

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     Shakespeare on Tap     Presents:

Have you always been curious about knitting? Mystified at how sticks and string come together to form a woolly hat or scarf? In this introductory class designed for absolute beginners, you will not only be able to master the basics of knitting, but also gain tools to interact with a larger community of makers, receive a wealth of resources to continue your knitterly studies, and come out of the class with your own completed dishcloth and hat!

Join best friends Rosalind and Celia as they escape to the forest of Arden in search of freedom, love, and the right to read a lot of silly shepherds. The actors talk to you, you can talk back, and drinking is encouraged. Shakespeare On Tap: Serious actors. No director. One rehearsal. At a bar.

Part of the 2021 Philly Fringe Festival and the Free Philly Fringe!

This clever version of the well-known classic has all the wonder of Alice's journey: she falls down the rabbit hole, encounters mad tea parties, a sarcastic caterpillar, a directionless cat and one very irrational queen.

As these quirky characters weave in and out of Alice's path, we discover there's actually more than one Alice! Will she ever escape this dream-like adventure?

Current project

As You Like It

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The Bryan Project


The Bryan Project is an ongoing community-driven documentary piece centering around the town of Bryan, Ohio. Civic practice collides with storytelling to uncover the role of the arts in rural America and questions what truly makes a small town thrive.


*This project is a proud recipient of the NET/TEN Remote Connection mini-grant to continue the work!

The Bryan Project Episodes 1 and 2 are live!

The Bryan Project has been hard at work, just coming off of the July premiere of episode 1 during the Lacuna Festival! We have two more episodes coming to you to round out this story, and we can't wait to share! To learn more about this project, visit The Bryan Project Page.

EPISODES ONE AND TWO ARE NOW LIVE!!!!! If you can, please consider donating to my GoFundMe to finish editing and recover some of the many expenses incurred during filming, including travel and lodging. It takes a village, and I'm proud to call Bryan, Ohio mine. 

This incredible project is possible because of the amazing citizens of Bryan, Ohio. Thank you to everyone who has participated so far and I can't wait to see where this project takes us!

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I am a Philadelphia-based theatre artist and educator, with a BFA in Theatre Performance from the University of Texas at Arlington, a professional certification from the Portland Actors Conservatory and an MFA from The Pig Iron School with a degree in Devised and Physical Performance.


Since 2015 I have been an arts educator, working with students aged 7-18 in classroom and after school settings. My work as an artist revolves around fostering human connection and the collision of storytelling and civic practice, blending mediums and styles to serve communities. I aim to work with underserved populations with the guiding principles of collaboration and physical storytelling to mobilize community-wide arts practices that foster diversity and growth.

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