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**Call for Submissions**

Bryan has far more stories to tell than I could gather in my brief time there.    I am calling on the people of Bryan to submit a video responding to questions about their history with the town and vision for the future.

We can only begin to bridge the gap when we start communicating. The Bryan Project aims to use art and storytelling directly from the lives of citizens to bring forth the conversation of how a small town thrives.

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Tell me more about the project

The project started as an exploration into finding connection in the town of my birth. The time my family spent in Bryan was a transitory period--we didn't put down roots or form bonds while living there. We left when I was three years old and I never gave much thought to the town again until recently. While I didn't wind up finding what I was looking for, I found a community willing to embrace me as one of their own, a vibrant and caring culture that I wanted to form new bonds with. 

I can't tell the story for the people of Bryan, or portend the future of the Fountain City. But I can help the people that call this city home open up a dialogue between generations. Rather than put my slant on what I gleaned from Bryan in a few days, I asked the people that live there what they think they need; we are using this project as a platform for people to become active participants in the future of their town.

How does it work?

For the next few months I will be accepting video submissions from the people of Bryan via this Google Form responding to some prompts based on my conversations with the people I have met from the town:



- Show us the place in Bryan that carries your history. How far back does that history go? Do you have ancestry in Bryan?


- Who or what shaped your value system? Is there a place in Bryan that represents your values? Take us to a place that represents your values and tell us about it.


- When you think of the future of Bryan, what images, words, places come to mind? 


- Show us what represents change in Bryan.


- Show us what represents tradition in Bryan.


- What is the most exciting/impactful/life altering thing that has happened to you in Bryan? Who was there? Where? How? When?

This is an opportunity for people to express their love of their home, the uncertainty of the future, and find new ways of connecting to the people around them. The richest stories are those that are detailed, personal, and relatable.

Whenever possible, take us to these places, walk us through events and allow us to experience your story with you.

What else do I need to know?

How do I film?

- You can film using any device you like, whatever is easiest for you. Cell phone videos are perfectly acceptable (please use landscape view whenever possible)!

Can I send you a link instead?

- Because I need to be able to collect these videos, I need to be able to download your submission. Sending me a file would be preferable.

Is there a time limit on video submissions?

- No time limit! Make it as long as it needs to be! Whether it's 30 seconds or 30 minutes, I welcome any and all submissions.

Can I have other people in my video?

- Group submissions are encouraged when and where safe and appropriate. We are still in a pandemic, so please use your best judgement.

Do I have to respond directly to one of the prompts in my video?

- The prompts are there as inspiration, as a jumping off point. You are by no means beholden to these questions and please feel free to interpret them in any way you choose. The questions are intentionally open-ended so people can interact with them in whatever way they feel. 

I'm having trouble with the Google Form!

- When considering accessibility and ease of use, I ultimately chose the Google Form. There is no perfect system, and you do need a Google account to upload your submission. If this does not work for you, please email me at and we will figure out an alternate way for you to submit.

Can I submit more than one video?

- If you are inspired to create more than one submission, go for it!

Do I have to live in Bryan?

- This project is for and by the people of Bryan. Anyone submitting a video should have ties to the city. Those with ties to the surrounding townships of Edgerton and Montpelier are also welcome to submit. 

I want to get involved but I don't want to submit a video.

- The video format is not great for everybody. But if you have a story you want to share, a picture, anything, please feel free to forward those to my email at

- You can also share this project on social media using the hashtag #thebryanproject to get more people involved!

- Word of mouth is always helpful. Talk to your friends, family and neighbors about this project. It is all about starting a dialogue, after all.

How will submissions be displayed?

- This is the one answer I do not have yet. It all depends on the pieces you submit. I will keep the process transparent as submissions are received and welcome ideas to bring the final product to life.

I have a question about something that isn't covered on this page.

- If you have any other questions or are having trouble, please feel free to get in touch with me via email at

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