Improvisation Starters: Revised and Expanded, Philip Bernardi

Improvisation is an essential and invaluable technique for the actor's repertoire: It asks you to think beyond a script--and its memorized lines, movements, and facial expressions--to deliver a performance filled with honesty, insight, nuance, and verisimilitude.
Improvisation Starters Revised and Expanded provides more than 1,000 brand-new scene scenarios that will help you:

   • Depict conflict by focusing on differing beliefs, motivations, and needs
   • Use contrasts to show the clash of personalities and emotions
   • Creatively incorporate props and specific lines of dialogue within an improvised scene
   • Explore character relationships with various locations
   • Take on the role of inanimate objects and animals
From the classroom to the community theater group--and even in business, language, and technology classes--improvisation is the perfect tool for thinking critically, communicating clearly, building self-confidence, and developing interpersonal skills. With this revised edition of Improvisation Starters, you'll bring new vitality to the stage or set--and have fun in the process!