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What The hell Am I doing here?

Hi! My name is Katie Butler and I am a theatre maker, teaching artist and general creative person based in Philadelphia.

Lately I've been kicking around this idea of "creative process" and trying to pin down what it means--not just for me, but for other creatives in different disciplines. In my forays into the subject I've been chatting with other creative people and am learning that, for as many universal aspects there are to process, there are as many idiosyncrasies that makes for rich and ripe exploration. So here we are.

I want to use this blog as a place to dissect, discuss, discover and demystify process and bring it to the foreground. It's also a place to share tidbits about my process and experiments that result from my half-baked ideas.

In that spirit, I want to share a silly little piece I made. I started with the question, "How can I be subversive in a really stupid way?" and this was the answer. Remember kids--sometimes art can just be FUN.

What's your fun art?


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