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The Making of...

Your one-stop-shop for submissions, interviews and conversations with, for and about Bryan. 

The Bryan Project has a big announcement! We will be premiering this summer at The Lacuna Festival!

Original trailer for The Bryan Project.

The BHS theatre students told us where

to go in no uncertain terms.

Bryan area visual artist Scott Goble talks about his art and Bryan's future generation of artists. Find his work--ScottG Artist

Local historian, actor and director Denver Henderson sits down with The Bryan project to talk about Bryan's artistic history, visions for the future and ways to bring new life to Bryan. Listen to the audio-only version here.

The Bryan Project sits down with Angi Scott. We talk about The Jubilee, buying local and the growing diversity in Bryan.

Local theatre artists Angi and Jeremy Scott, Denver Henderson and Betsy Zuver talk about the history and future of Bryan's arts scene.

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