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4/14 @ 7pm EST

FREE - Zoom

Artists Talk on Creative Process

with Will Wolf and AOY

Join us on Zoom at 7 pm on 4/14 to delve into a discussion about creative process, what it looks like, what it means and why it's so very important to cultivate.

5/1, 5/4, 5/5
$64 - Zoom
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4/27, 4/30, 5/8
$64 - Zoom
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Tuesdays, 4/27-6/1, 5-7pm (Artists of Yardley)
Wednesdays, 4/28-6/2, 6-8 pm (Markeim Arts Ctr)
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Katie Butler artist
Product? That's for the birds.
Disposable Art 
1 hour, virtual
all ages

Process over product.  Students are led through a series of tactile and writing exercises to unleash creative juices without the pressure to end with a final product. Great for emerging artists in all mediums, and seasoned artists looking to tap into their mojo.

Gradient Ocean
Listen with the whole body
Intro to Viewpoints
90 minutes, live
ages 16+

This exploratory workshop takes students through the journey of the 9 Viewpoints and leads them to discover the drives behind their own impulses. A series of physical exercises engages students and encourages limiting language, physical storytelling, and listening with the whole body. Excellent exploration for actors and creators who have a tough time getting out of their head.

Back to Basics
Body Awareness and Kinesthetic Response
1 hour, virtual
ages 16+

In this workshop we get back into our bodies through a series of individual and group exercises, all from the comfort of your own home. Taking notice of how and why the body moves, students will practice learning and listening with their bodies to ultimately create short collaborative physical stories. Good for emerging  and seasoned performers alike. 

Create something out of nothing
Fixed Point
3-part series, 1 hour each, virtual, ages 16+

Fixed Point brings to life imaginary objects, people and spaces. A series of physical exercises designed to hone your skills in creating something out of nothing. Performers with at least some experience will get the most out of this workshop.

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Improvisation Reimagined


1 hour or 2 hour sessions
live or virtual
ages 14+

This workshop uses principles of devising, improv and physical theatre to encourage physical storytelling. The workshop utilizes various physical theatre exercises, mainly "Open Canvas" -- an ensemble physical improvisation based on a theme. Variations are endless and students are encouraged to use the camera and uniqueness of their space to their advantage to explore in surprising and exciting ways. Students do not need any formal theatrical training to participate and get use out of this class; all skill levels are welcome and encouraged!

Attack your character from the outside in
Seven Levels of Tension

This introductory workshop into LeCoq technique allows students to play with physicality and body tension as a means to creating full and exciting characters. 

Students will be led through the Seven Levels of Tension with opportunities to improvise and play between levels, as well as working with push/pull. 

90 minutes, live or virtual

ages 16+

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The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe
The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe

Courtesy of Lion Players Theatre Company

The Life and Times of Tulsa Lovechild
The Life and Times of Tulsa Lovechild

Courtesy of Lion Players Theatre Company

In The Heights
In The Heights

Courtesy of Lion Players Theatre company

The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe
The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe

Courtesy of Lion Players Theatre Company